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New Tostitos Bag Tells You If You Are Drunk Because Why The F**k Not

Earlier this week, Tostitos made a big announcement. Like a huge, game-changing sort of announcement: for a limited time, their chips will be sold in a “party safe” bag.

But what the hell is a “party safe” bag? Well, it is a bag which can tell you if you are drunk.


tostitos bag tells you if you are drunk
Image Source: Tostitos

According to USA Today, the intent of the bag isn’t to shame you for drinking one too many shitty beers — or to judge you for downing all those tortilla chips. It is to promote responsible drinking and discourage drunk driving. But if you are searching for your sobriety in the bottom of a bag, you may have bigger problems. As in, if you’re eating Tostitos, you’re drunk already.

And it seems many online users agree.

“I’ll be first to say that if you are blowing a bag of tosititos to see if you are too drunk to drive…THEN THAT ALREADY TELLS YOU RIGHT THERE YOU ARE TOO DRUNK DRIVE.”

— via Tostitos Facebook

“In a related story, Budweiser is making a can you can breathe into that will tell you if you’ve eaten too many Doritos (oops, Tostitos) and are getting fat.”

— via Tostitos Facebook

That said, I do applaud Frito-Lay, Uber, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for their collaborative effort.


Because even though their approach may seem a little silly and the bag sensors are far from perfect — i.e. if sensors on the bag detect any trace of alcohol on a person’s breath, a red light will flash below the Tostitos logo and a “don’t drink and drive” will appear — any effort is better than no effort.