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Report Suggests You Need to Wash Your Disgusting Hair More Often

For years, our stylists have been hounding us to stop washing our hair every day. It dries out the strands and strips that luscious color we pay so much money to have, they said. As a result, dry shampoo has become our new BFF.

But now, according to an article in the New York Times, it appears we aren’t washing our hair enough. WE CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT.

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According to some high profile stylists and New York dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco, who were interviewed by the Times, we may want to reconsider and start washing our disgusting-ass hair a bit more frequently.

In addition to potentially looking gnarly AF, skimping on the primping can mean bad news for scalp health and hygiene.

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Rita Hazan, a colorist to stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, told the Times, “People don’t think about their scalp as having pores, but your scalp should be treated like skin. You don’t want your pores to be clogged.” Dermatologist Dr. Fusco agrees, adding that build-up from product use can exacerbate dandruff.

Often when a woman notices flakes, she immediately decreases shampooing because she thinks she’s too dry. But a lot of time it’s dandruff, and cutting back on shampooing will only make it worse.

And if maintaining scalp health is not enough to convince you to lather those locks, Manhattan stylist Michael Angelo cites another powerful reason to hit the shower.

The truth is, some of my guy clients have been coming in and asking me to tell their girlfriends, wives, lovers to wash their hair. It’s because they stink! You’d be shocked how many people will tell me, ‘Oh, 10 days ago I had a blowout and I did a killer SoulCycle session this morning and I haven’t washed my hair at all.’ All you have to do is massage your scalp with your fingers and then smell them. You’ll know if you need to wash.


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While all this sounds like we’re going to have to say bye-bye to our beloved dry shampoo, most stylists agree that we can still use it. Just not as a substitute for a serious shampoo sesh every couple of days at the least.

Other things experts suggest to help our hair look its best? Adding a little salt or sugar to our shampoo to exfoliate our scalps’ pores as well as massaging a few drops of apple cider vinegar, which is antibacterial, into our roots to curb excessive oiliness.

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It’s safe to say sudsing up more often is in everyone’s best interest. (I’m looking at you, lady who works out 5 times before shampooing.) Or not. Whatever. I can’t even get a round brush to work right, so who the hell am I to make recommendations?