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New Debate: Does Grover Drop the F-Bomb on Sesame Street?

Nothing quite bands us together like a debate about something that doesn’t really matter in the first place.

First, there was the blue dress (or gold, or pink, or whatever colors some people claimed to see). Then there was Yanny vs Laurel (it’s Laurel, by the way, but whatever). Now?

Now, we’ve joined together to figure out if Grover let his dirty trucker mouth loose on an episode of Sesame Street.

Some viewers of the episode heard, “Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!” But the rest of us? We heard, “Yes, that’s a fucken excellent idea!”




For my part, I definitely heard our beloved blue monster say “fucken” over and over and over again as I rewatched the clip. I couldn’t hear anything else.

But THEN, I had my mom give it a listen, but I held my phone up to her ear instead of letting her actually watch, and although she heard “fucken” at first too, I heard “sounds like an excellent idea” for the first time.

Apparently for me, watching the clip makes me hear the F-Bomb and ONLY the F-Bomb. But listening only yields what I’m sure is what that lovable fur-bag really said.

Makes total sense. I must have been lip-reading all wrong. 🙄

Regardless, I now have the pleasure of hearing both, which is kind of fun actually. I’ve always wondered what’d happen when Muppets go wild.

I think for my next trick, I’m going to play the clip without saying a word and watch my oldest’s face.

If he smirks, we’ve definitely got our answer.