New App Created To Help Kids Place Snack Orders At Home

New App Created To Help Kids Place Snack Orders At Home

By Mia Carella of (this) mom with a blog

Last week, momtrepreneur Kristy Smith launched a new cell phone and tablet app for children. The app, based on the “swipe” design of other popular apps, is called Feed Me Now. “My kids are always hungry and asking for food and snacks 24/7. I created this app to make it easier for them to voice their demands and get quicker results.”

After almost two months of endless cries throughout the house of “I’m hungry!” and “What do we have to eat?” Smith decided something needed to change. “My poor kids seemed to be starving all the time! I couldn’t get snacks to them fast enough. So I created Feed Me Now.”

In Feed Me Now, children are presented with a picture of a food option available in their home. If the child would like that snack item, they swipe right. If the child is not interested in the pictured item, they can swipe left and will be shown an alternative option.

After a final selection is made, the mother receives a text message of the request directly to her cell phone, signaling her to retrieve the desired snack from the kitchen. This allows the mother to be able to quickly deliver food to the child, wherever they may be in the area. Smith said that this has enabled her own children to get their snacks and continue watching television or playing Pokemon Go without interruption.

Smith was assisted in the development of the app by a focus group of her own children and their friends. The results were favorable amongst the youngsters, who were very excited about the idea of not having to get up off the couch to request their favorite tortilla chips or squeezy applesauce.

“The only inconvenience, really, is wearing my phone belt clip on my yoga pants all day, but it’s a small price to pay. I hate seeing [my children] hungry,” said Smith.

Smith also stated that sales of the app to date have not been as great as expected, but she is hopeful it will catch on. “I am sure all moms want to be at their children’s beck and call. This app will help make it possible.”


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