Wisdom from Diapers to Diplomas

My America. It IS Full of LOVE. #weareone


If you woke up this morning after a sleepless night wondering what kind of country you live in, you’re not alone.

A madman full of hateful ideologies is not my America.

We are not that man. This country and its people are not defined by the insane and hideous acts of one man. I will not lose faith in us, and I will not waste another minute asking myself, “What kind of country are my kids growing up in?”

America is the thousands of people who lined up yesterday in Orlando to give blood.

America is the stranger who pulls over to help a stranded motorist.

America is the person in the checkout line who hands you the change you need when you’re short.

America is the people who feed the homeless, the people who happily donate food from their pantries to feed people they will never meet.

America is neighbors who run over when you call panicked, friends who take over when you’re at your lowest, and the strangers who don’t hesitate to jump in frozen waters and burning buildings to save a life of someone they don’t even know.

America is the men and women who faithfully serve in the armed forces so I can sit here with the freedom to type whatever thought I have without it being censored, to live whatever lifestyle I choose, and to worship whatever religion I want to.

America is the most charitable nation on the planet, giving more of what we have (and don’t have) because we know it’s the right thing to do. Period.

And America is the first country to come to the aid of all the others, always has been, and always will be.

There is good, so much of it, so much more good than hate if we just choose to look for it, but you can’t see it if you’re in tired, huddled masses.

Today, as hard as it will be to tune out the horrific news, I will choose to see its goodness.