Mother Sets Facebook Record for Baby Pictures Posted

Mother Sets Facebook Record for Baby Pictures Posted

By Anna Gracia

San Francisco, CA – Janine Miller, mother to 8-month-old Kayleigh, has achieved a unique distinction: she has shared every single picture she’s ever taken of her baby on social media. To date, she has uploaded nearly 675,000 pictures and videos on Facebook, ranging from a 6-minute video of her baby sleeping to an entire album of their first visit to the local playground.

“If you drill down into each photo, you’ll see the range of expressions Kayleigh has when sitting in the swings for the first time,” Miller explains. “See? Here, she’s looking to the left and drooling. Here, her eyes are half closed and she’s stopped drooling. That’s because she’s really enjoying it. And here, her right arm is up, almost grabbing onto the swing chain!” she squeals.

It’s not that Miller set out to break any records. “Before I was pregnant, I told myself I would only post the ‘highlights.’ But then I realized how special each and every moment was.” When asked how long this encompassing photographic journey might last, Miller laughed. “Gosh, I don’t know. I just can’t imagine coming to a point where I’m not going to want to share pictures of all my baby’s special experiences.”

“Besides,” she adds. “I know my old high school classmates don’t want to miss out on a single milestone of Kayleigh’s.”


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