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This Mom’s Hilarious Thermostat Note Is Relatable AF

‘Tis the season for hayrides and hoodies, foliage hunting and apple picking, but with cooler weather comes controversy. Domestic controversy. Why? Four words: heat or no heat?

Yes. In many households across the United Statesthat is the question. However, one mom sought to end the annual argument when she posted a friendly reminder to her family.

Whether you empathize with her or completely disagree, almost every one of us can relate. Because there is always one family member who wants to turn the heat on as soon as grocery stores roll out their pumpkin-based treats and another who believes frost should form inside the house first.

Autumn Brandon began her note – which was written on an index card and taped to her thermostat — with a simple disclaimer: “Unles[s] you answer yes to ALL of these, do not turn on heat.” She then asked three simple questions:

“Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, [and] socks? Is it November? Do you pay the gas bill?”

Did you answer no to any of these? (Don’t lie; it’s fall, I know you did.) Well, if so, Brandon believes you should step away from the thermostat. Immediately. Even if temps in your neighborhood are in the 30’s and 40’s.

Of course, many agree with Brandon. In fact, the post quickly went viral because we ALL have this argument, and we all know someone who is always cold. (You know, that family member who insists on prancing around in their underwear or the kiddo who refuses to wear socks, even when walking on cold wooden floors.)

But I have an admission to make: in our family, my daughter doesn’t try to turn on the heat; I do. I am that person.

(No, I don’t walk around in my skivvies, but I am always shivering. Even in the dead of summer I wrap myself in a blanket before sitting on the sofa.)

Of course, the first step toward recovery is admitting I have a problem, right? Right?

Unfortunately, I don’t care, nor do I want to “fix” my heat problem because I like being warm. I like being comfortable, and since I am a stay-at-home AND work-from-home parent, I deserve safe and comfortable working conditions too, damn it!

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