Moms Around World Strike, Present List of Demands

By Sarah Jean of 

In an unprecedented move, moms around the world used their superior organizational skills to put together a worldwide strike. Tired of doing so much for their families with very little appreciation shown in return, moms everywhere decided that enough was enough.

Using the power of the internet, moms all over the globe orchestrated a meeting where they could discuss their plan via a video chat. They all told their families they were “running out to the store” for some “woman stuff” to ensure no questions would be asked, but instead joined together at predetermined rendezvous points to discuss their plans for the strike.

Here is a list of their demands:

1. The ability to sit on the toilet in their own homes without first having to wipe a puddle of liquid off of the seat.

2. To be able to shower without having to referee a fight through the bathroom door.

3. For their children to do ANYTHING (i.e. get dressed, clean up, brush teeth) the first time they are asked. (Note: Moms are willing to negotiate even the second or third time asked. Some overly optimistic Moms wanted children to do these things “without being asked,” but their argument could barely be heard over all the laughing)

4. To get through dinner without anyone complaining, at least once every few weeks.

5. When moms finish cleaning the house, they would like their children to keep it that way for at least 30 minutes, instead of the typical 3 seconds.

Unless these demands are met, moms will be doing no cooking, cleaning, laundry, refereeing of ridiculous fights, or anything of the sort. Until, of course, they just can’t take it anymore and clean the house in a fit of rage while yelling at their kids to stop yelling at each other.

We tried to reach out to children for comment, but many of them wouldn’t listen to our questions at all, while the rest of them “forgot” that we asked them anything in the first place.


Sarah Jean lives in New England with her husband and two wonderful children whom she loves dearly, in small increments throughout the day, in between their whining, crying, screaming, and fighting. She writes about it to make herself laugh. Read more at The Mom TruthBomb and follow Sarah on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram