Mommy Blogger Makes Career Writing About Her Baby’s “Lasts”

By Marlene Kern Fischer of Thoughts From Aisle Four

A local mommy blogger has made a career of writing about her youngest child’s “lasts.” The blogger, known as Melissa, first stumbled on her recipe for success several years ago when she wrote about a piece entitled, “The Last Time I Nursed My Baby.”

The poignant piece did so well, resonating with moms everywhere, that the mother of three said she decided to concentrate all her pieces on her baby’s “final everything.”

The local mother of three sons has already written about dozens of “lasts,” including the last time her baby threw up in his crib, the last time she had to change a poopy diaper and the last time she took her son to his first day of nursery school. She said that she has realized that “no topic is too trite or mundane as long as it’s beautifully written.”

Melissa’s blogging site, called “The Last Time My Child…” has more than 100 thousand followers and is growing at a rapid pace. When interviewed for this article, Melissa explained that “moms find it difficult to let go, so my site is a safe place for people to discuss their feelings and share the heartbreak of watching our children growing up.” She said that she could literally write about thousands of last things her child does and that people “never seem to tire of the subject.”

In addition to “lasts,” Melissa said she also writes about saying goodbye to her children. She has written about saying goodbye when they started nursery school, elementary school, day camp and her famous sleep-away camp piece, ‘Goodbye for Seven Weeks’, which went viral.

She said she plans on spending at least a year writing about saying goodbye to each of her boys when they start college and when they go back to school after each vacation. Melissa said that as long as people read her stuff, she will keep writing.

She ended the interview by saying she needed to go finish her piece she was going to title, “The Last Time My Child Pronounced the Word Spaghetti Incorrectly.”


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