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Melissa McCarthy Driving a Podium as Sean Spicer Is the Hero We Need

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy was seen, dressed as Sean Spicer, driving a motorized podium down 58th Street in New York City this morning.

A video posted by @elanazak on Twitter shows McCarthy slowly driving down the busy street, along with other cars, where she can be heard yelling, “Come on!” and “Watch out!”

I dare you to watch that video (with the sound on) without laughing. I’m pretty sure it’s physically impossible.

She’s the hero we all need because she’s making us laugh when we need it most, with Trump firing the FBI director for investigating his ties to Russia and whatnot. Oh, and then casually threatening him on Twitter this morning. What a time to be alive.

McCarthy has had a recurring role as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live since January of this year, where her portrayal of him as an angry, gum-obsessed press secretary became an instant hit.

McCarthy released a teaser on Wednesday that she’d be back to reprise her role this weekend. The video of her transforming into the White House Press Secretary, to the tune of West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty,” is worth watching if you haven’t already seen it:

We love you, Melissa!