Thoughts on March, in GIFs
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Thoughts on March, in GIFs

Thoughts on March, in GIFs
Actually, I do.
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It’s March, and I’m a teacher. All my other educators out there will understand what that means. Maybe even some non-educators hate this time of year as much as we do. Here are my thoughts on March, summed up in GIFs. (SPOILER: March sucks.)

1. Seriously? It’s still this fucking cold?

2. I totally understand how you could possibly not know where to look for the assignments we’re doing in class. We’ve only been accessing them from the same place since September.

3. You’re giving me another data collection task this month?

4.Three nights of parent/teacher conferences on top of full days of teaching, meetings, lesson planning, and grading? SO HAPPY TO DO THAT.

5. I do want to hear all about how it’s my fault that student doesn’t want to do his work.



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6. Taxes are my favorite.

7. My lawn is covered in frozen dog shit.

8. You’re a senior and don’t feel like you should have to do any more work this year?

9. Tell me more about how teachers only work from 8 to 3.

9. Standardized testing? Only the best way to measure student progress and teacher effectiveness EVER.

10. There are still two more weeks left of this godforsaken month?