Mansplainer Helps Woman Realize She’s Wrong About Election

Mansplainer Helps Woman Realize She’s Wrong About Election

By Kristina Johnson of

Washington native Jessica Wilson says she’s evaluating most of her political beliefs thanks to a man’s comment on her recent Facebook post.

Wilson had taken to social media to tout her support of Hillary Clinton for president, a decision Wilson claimed she’d weighed carefully. Turns out, she was wrong.

“I thought I was voting for Hillary because I agree with her on most political and social issues, but I now realize that it’s because she has a vagina. And I, too, have a vagina.”

Wilson credits her best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin Frank for pointing out her sexism when he commented that there could be absolutely no other reason she’d be voting for Clinton. He said she would realize what a terrible president Hillary would make if only she would do some “real research.” He suggested she check out an unbiased news source for once, leaving a helpful link to

“Once I listened to what Frank was saying, I had to admit to myself that I was thinking with my vagina. That’s not right, and I’m so glad a man stepped up to tell me so.”

Wilson is now mulling whether to vote for Donald Trump or just spend election day playing in traffic and hoping for the best.


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