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Make The Season Bright With Holiday Vagina Fudge

The holidays can be an EXTRA time of year. Glitter? Check. Garlands? You bet. 15 types of holiday cheese? I’M ALREADY THERE!

Now you can make the holidays even MORE festive with the addition of a fanny cake. That’s right, there are now holiday-themed vagina confections that you can bring to the holiday potluck. Well, technically they are actually vulvas, but let’s not get caught up in details.

These are brought to us by Fudgeina, a company that boasts it will “send a fudge vagina to anywhere in the world.” Their latest offering is a Christmas-themed vagina that you can use when circumstances arise. A couple of examples of those circumstances according their website:

Are you struggling to find a present for Gran this year?

Your secret santa pick a bit of a c*nt?

These limited edition treats come in a “plum pudding” flavor that can be decorated (or, vajazzled) in custom ways. They even have a festive bit of holly round the fold to bring you some holiday cheer. According to their ordering page:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! What better way to show love (or hate) this Christmas with a Christmas Plum Pudding Fudgeina! Made with luscious dark vegan chocolate and juicy plum flavouring, this one is sure to get Granny going back for seconds. Finished with an edible snow glaze and a holly vajazzle, it literally can’t get any more Christmassy!

To make matters even more over-the-top, you can also add a condom to your order (what), or a set of icings for you to give it a special “vajazzled” DIY flair. All Fudgeinas are vegan and cruelty-free.

These are going for £11.99, but the look on the recipient’s face is sure to be priceless. It’s like the gift for someone who has everything. It’s like a conversation piece and edible treat all in one. It is truly the gift from DJ Khaled’s nightmares.

Other flavors include vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Although the holiday-themed one is limited time only, Fudgeinas are available year-round, which is great news for all of us.

After all, who doesn’t like chocolate and realism?