Magazine for Working Moms Sets More Realistic Standard

By Ali Hanford

If your kids have run you ragged, or you’re overworked and over-tired, the last thing you want to read is some Cosmo article about 300 Sexy Hairstyles That Make Any Man Swoon.

A new magazine aimed at working moms sets the bar much lower with real life tips that yield useful results.

“Forget 300 Sexy Hairstyles. I have two: clean messy bun and dirty messy bun,” said the founder of Tired Bitch Magazine. “I wanted to create a publication that reflected the real lives of exhausted women everywhere.”

Subscribers will be treated to one-page articles with large photos and no more than nine bullet points, because busy working moms can’t be expected to spend more time reading sex tips than the President does reviewing national security briefs.


About the Creators

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