The Queen of Pop gets schooled on punctuality by fans in New York who got tired of waiting.
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Forget About Crotch Grabs and Booty Shakes, Madonna Is Being Sued?

Photo Credit: Madonna on Twitter

In the wake of a heated feminist debate over this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, news broke that another iconic female performer, also known for wreaking sexual havoc onstage, is being sued for misconduct, but NOT for the reason you might expect. According to TMZ, Madonna fans Andrew Panos and Antonio Velotta are suing the 61-year-old Material Girl for showing up late for work.

Panos and Velotta claim they suffered financial hardship after waiting for hours—on two separate instances—for the self-proclaimed Queen of Pop to take her place on stage during the Madame X tour in New York. The two are reportedly suing for breach of contract, loss of value, false advertisement and negligent misrepresentation.

On top of paying top dollar for tickets that ultimately lost their value, Panos and Velotta say they were left stranded after missing their scheduled rides home when their phones were “confiscated” during the show. When Live Nation, the company hosting the event, refused to issue a refund, the two went right to the source, throwing Madonna under a legal mound of pink slips and blaming her for ruining their plans for work and school the next day.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time Madge has gotten sued for being late. In November, Nate Hollander filed a similar lawsuit against both Live Nation and Madonna in Miami-Dade County, alleging that the change in start times for her Madame X Tour was a breach of contract made between the singer and the ticket buyer. No word yet on whether he won his case.

Madonna has been living large since her self debut album went viral in the eighties. Since then, Forbes says the singer-songwriter has grossed approximately $1.2 billion, leaving her with an estimated net worth of $570M. But guess what? Madonna isn’t the only one swimming in gravy these days. Many are cashing in on social media, surfing viral waves, and selling their souls to the devil companies who are willing to pay big bucks for a single post on Instagram.

The bottom line, it’s a tough time to be a celebrity. People are overly anxious, easily offended, and looking for a fight. With so much money trading off between so many entitled hands, it’s a wonder more people aren’t getting sued. 

Better watch your assets next year, Super Bowl divas, before you shake it until you break it like a piggy bank.