Local Mom Still Blaming Pregnancy Hormones for Emotional Outbursts

Local Mom Still Blaming Pregnancy Hormones for Emotional Outbursts

By Kristina Johnson of

A local mom is blaming lingering pregnancy hormones for her regular mood swings. Carol Brown’s husband, Peter, says since their son was born, he’s lost count of how often his wife has snapped at him for any number of supposed offenses.

“The most common one is that I’m ‘doing it wrong.’” When asked to elaborate on what exactly “it” was, he said, “Pretty much anything I happen to be doing.”

“Sometimes I’m not being attentive enough to our son,” he continued. “Or I’m being too attentive. Apparently I also breathe really loudly. Oh, and the heat from my body makes our bed too warm.”

Carol says she feels terrible about her outbursts and that they aren’t really her husband’s fault. She’s confident she’ll be back to her old self again soon.

“My emotions will calm down once my hormones level out,” she said. “Having a new baby does this to a woman.”

“It’s just that…our baby isn’t new,” her husband countered. “He’s 6.”

The comment prompted a lengthy crying jag in which Carol could be heard lamenting how quickly their boy is growing up.

“I guess I just need to wait this one out,” said Peter. He said he planned to try to be more sensitive to Carol’s post-pregnancy emotional state. But not too sensitive.


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