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Literally Just 16 Funny Tweets About Cell Phone Chargers

With the rise of human progress and invention, we have seen technological advances that our ancestors could only have dreamed of. Modern industry and medicine has benefited greatly, and the technological improvements we have seen have changed the world we live in beyond recognition. The world truly became a better and more advanced place. However, which item of modern technology has won our hearts the world over and has made the most indelible mark on our lives?

The cell phone charger.

That’s right, the cell phone charger tops the list of modern technological baes. We love ’em so much we just wanna carve our names into some trees to show that it’s real. We need them, take them anywhere and completely and totally rely on them.

We sleep beside them, stuff ’em in our pockets, and remain glued to a certain area of the house so that we can ensure our scrolling is powered by their sweet electrical juices.

They calm our nerves and keep us in sync. They ensure we are connected and recharged enough to look for pulled pork recipes at 2 am. They are the modern equivalent of a guardian angel, and we are eternally grateful for all of the things that they do.

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Literally Just 16 Funny Tweets About Cell Phone Chargers

1. They are multipurpose AF

2. They are a necessity, you hear? A. NECESSITY.

3. They really can do it all

4. Including showing him who’s boss

5. And giving you a glimpse of someone’s true colors

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6. There’s one for everybody

7. They are a staple of comfort

8. They help you experience true struggle

9. They help you get in touch with your wild side

10. They will test the limits of love

11. They help open the lines of communication with your family

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12. They help you stay grounded to your priorities

13. They are precious

14. They are needed

15. They are a perfect metaphor for love

16. They teach you about modern valour

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So let’s all take a moment to thank the best and brightest in modern technology. Oh, phone charger, what would we do without your wiry cord spiraled around our mindless, scroll-happy hearts?

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