Kensington Palace Reveals Name of Prince Louis

Kensington Palace Reveals Name of The Little Prince

The wait is over. Kensington Palace has (finally) announced the name of the newest little prince, born on Monday, April 23.

Welcome His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge.

The official announcement was made via Kensington Palace’s Twitter account.

Louis was first introduced to the world a mere seven hours after birth – on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St.Mary’s Hospital in London. He was cradled lovingly in the arms of his mother, who just so happened to be rocking high heels and a fresh face like it was NBD. Like she didn’t just push out a baby. THAT DAY. Can I just say, Duchess Kate looked better 7 hours postpartum than I did on my wedding day?

Since then, royal watchers have been standing by with bated breath for the big name reveal. Some more anxiously than others.

Waiting to release the royal moniker seems to be common practice. In the case of Prince William, his parents, Charles and Diana, held off revealing his name for 7 days. His grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, waited 30 days before announcing the name of their son, future heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Thankfully, Wills and Kate are not so much into the waiting game. They unveiled both George and Charlotte’s names two days after they were born. In this case, it took a little longer, but you can now rest easy, take a breath, and resume your life to its regularly scheduled programming.

According to online betting site,, the odds were in favor of Albert, followed closely by James, Arthur, Louis, and Philip. Alexander quickly joined the running when Prince William casually dropped, “Funny you should say that!” in response to Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer suggesting his own name as a possibility, at an Anzac Day ceremony on Wednesday.

Twitter users, however, had some less conventional suggestions for the princely newborn.

Even actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus got in on it.

While he wasn’t named after LeBron, the little prince is following in big footsteps. His brother George will someday be King, and his sister Charlotte quietly made history as the first princess who will not be overtaken in the succession line by her younger brother. Prior to the Succession To The Crown Act of 2013, an older sister was leapfrogged over by her younger brother in her claim to the throne. Charlotte is the first female in royal history not to be ruled out based on her gender.

It’s about time.

As fifth-in-line to the throne, Louis has a slim to none chance of becoming King. He does, however, get to enjoy all of the perks that come with being a royal. For now, though, he’s likely doing what any newborn baby does, prince or not. Eating, pooping, and causing complete and utter exhaustion in the lives of his already tired from two toddlers, parents.