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Kelly Clarkson Is Getting Her Own Talk Show, and I’m Going to Watch the Sh*t Out of It

Sometimes things happen in life to remind you that God loves us and wants us to be happy. For instance, NBC Universal just announced that America’s favorite Idol, Kelly Clarkson, will be getting her own talk show.


I love me some KC. She has a voice that stops me in my tracks. Literally. No matter what I’m doing, if Kelly comes on the airwaves, I will abandon my activity and listen to her–it’s the gentle rasp, the belting, the incredible control. Her voice is one in a million.

But I think the reason everyone cheers for Kelly is that she is so darn relatable. I seriously feel like we could be best friends. Just take a gander at her Instagram page and try not to fall in love with KC. She possesses a warm, goofy demeanor that puts people at ease. She is self-deprecating, endearing, and funny AF. Heck, I only watched The Voice this year because Kelly was a judge.

So what should we expect from her new show? It will be the lead-in to Ellen on 12 major NBC affiliate stations, which will include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami, San Diego, Hartford, and Boston.

She was quoted as saying, “I love connecting with people, playing games, music, and finding ways to help or give back to communities/organizations. Having my own talk show where I get to do all of these things is pretty much a dream job.”

Clarkson will also likely win over a key demographic in the afternoon time slot: moms. She is mother to River, 4, Remy, 2, as well as Savannah, 15, and and Seth, 11, through her marriage to Brandon Blackstock. How in the world did it take so long for the entertainment industry to put a mom behind the desk? Moms make up a huge portion of the population, yet so few television hosts are women with children. It’s high time the mothers of the world got some representation in the media, and I could not think of a better person for the job than Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly, my life would suck without you. We’ve all been waiting for a moment like this. I hope you touch the world with your heartbeat song.

And if you’re reading this, please reach out so we can attain BFF status. Or at least so that I can write for your awesome new show.