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Just Look at Her Curves! But Does Amy Schumer Belong on the Cover of InStyle?

By Serendipity Indigo 

Have you heard about the latest dust-up to rock the fashion industry? InStyle Magazine had the temerity to put Amy Schumer—in a white swimsuit, no less—on the cover of their beauty issue. And the kicker is…it’s a beautiful photo. The colors, the lighting, the makeup, the whole shebang. It’s stunning. In fact, they’ve released additional photos from the shoot, and in my opinion, those are also beautiful.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: we all will have, and are entitled to, our own opinions on what is beautiful or even attractive. Every photo of every woman will have haters based on their own personal aesthetics. It may be valid, but it’s so basic that it is a silly argument to have, isn’t it?

Except not everyone thinks so. In particular, Dana Duggan, the owner of luxury South Shore Swimwear, was offended by the very idea of Ms. Schumer being allowed to grace the cover in any bathing suit. Her graphic and candid reaction to the photo on Instagram turned into a frenzy of users who called her out for body shaming.

One of Dana Duggan’s later comments spoke of how Amy Schumer makes jokes about her own weight and all the yucky bits about herself and her womanhood. Some of the other detractors of InStyle’s photo picked on Ms. Schumer’s brand of comedy, which is fairly vulgar, as a reason she shouldn’t be on the cover of a beauty issue. They think she’s an ugly person, and they don’t agree with her, so they threw out vomit emojis and GIFs in protest. Ok, solid point of view, but I’m going to question your need to vocalize your opinion in such a hateful way.

I’m not always a fan of Amy Schumer’s jokes, but she’s an attractive lady who appears to have a fairly healthy body and clearly has a decent body image. Like the vast majority of her gender, she talks about her own weight in a self-depreciating way.

For the last thirty or so years, I have made the same lame joke whenever anyone asks me where I am from: “I was born in California, but you probably guessed that because I’m a tall, leggy blonde.” What’s funny is I’m actually a short, thick brunette. I was barely hitting puberty when the irony of my being a “California Girl” first hit me, and every time I make the joke, it says a whole lot more about me than simply stating where I lived as a baby.

Speaking later to Yahoo Style, Ms. Duggan explained that “she feels modeling used to be ‘something you aspired to and didn’t see on the street.’” Referencing media’s move toward body positivity and inclusivity, she added, “Now everyone wants their kid to be a model.” This was her justification for saying that not only did InStyle choose the wrong woman to put in a bathing suit, but also any woman over a particular spec shouldn’t be allowed to wear feminine swimwear.

As it turns out, South Shore Swimwear line doesn’t sell “plus size” suits, and although she says she’s a size 14, Ms. Duggan suggests larger women should wear rash guards when in public.

I’m not going to make any assumptions about Ms. Duggan, but as a size 14/16 gal myself, when I read those statements, I just wanted to give her a hug. Bless her heart. She feels the fashion and beauty industry has lost its glamour — the elusive and exclusive fantasy element that so many women love.

You know what else women love? Seeing a variety of women walking on the runways, in magazines, portrayed on TV shows and in movies. All sizes do exist, all colors, all the everything. That’s reality, folks, and we happily celebrate all women, because ALL women are REAL women.

This isn’t a question of whether we think Amy Schumer is hot enough or beautiful enough. We aren’t suggesting you have to like it, or her, or the magazine.

Just respect that the editorial team of InStyle picked her and she felt confident and rocked that suit.

That is a beautiful thing.

This post was originally published on Reality Moms.


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