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Just 14 Funny Tweets About Getting Your Self-Care On

Self-care is a bit of a struggle because the people who need it the most have time for it the least. That’s right, I’m looking at YOU, parents!

The funny thing about self-care is that it means different things for different folks. For some people it’s a trip to the spa, but for others it’s pissing with the door closed and drinking a cup of coffee before it’s room temperature. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

They tell us that self-care is important and that it’s pretty much imperative to our mental health. However, the honest truth is that most of us are severely self-care deprived. Calgon, take us away! Sweep us away to the land of no more whining kids and bullshit into a sweet, sweet oasis of coconut-scented solitude. Actually, I’ll take any solitude at this point. It doesn’t need to be scented at all.

I’d love to indulge in more self-care. Starting with some time away from my kids. Followed up by some baked goods, a murder documentary and a deep dive into the comment thread of a very controversial meme. Ahhh. Feel that? The soothing embrace of relaxation and doing sweet fuck all.

If you don’t get enough self-care, you’re not alone!

The truth is, most of us don’t. This is why the concept of self-care has become the punchline of many hilarious jokes. Because sadly, the concept of getting a few moments of time for yourself is probably the most laughable concept of modern adulthood.

That’s ok, at least we have laughter.

Behold – Just 14 Funny Tweets About Getting Your Self-Care On

1. It’s about the basics

2. Self-care isn’t even on the short list yet sooo…

4. Literally THE BEST


5. Self-care: It’ll transform your life

6. We all have our ways to cope

7. Well, that escalated quickly

8. It’s really what’s best for me


9. The truth hurts

10. So zen

11. Let it all out, sis

12. You know, just the regular things

13. Self-care can be addictive

14. Almost anything can be called self-care if it’s avoiding people


The moral of the story is that you need more self-care.

And if that fails (and it probably will), you can always have some laughs as a substitute.