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Jiffy Lube Employee Texts Woman Inappropriately, Gets Schooled. And It’s Awesome

Recently, Gillette released an ad, seen by millions, changing their long-standing slogan from “The best a man can get” to “Be the best a man can be.” Apparently one Jiffy Lube employee missed it.

For some reason, unknown to those of us with common sense, he thought it would be a good idea to text a customer, to the phone number he found in her file, in an attempt to hit on her. It didn’t go exactly as he planned (while sitting on the couch of his parents’ basement, probably).

The text exchange was shared by the woman’s sister, @LoveableandKind, on Twitter, and it’s all sorts of awesome.

It starts off with the employee texting, “You’re gorgeous.” To which the woman responds, “Who is this?”

He replies back, “Your favorite oil change guy.” Yeah, apparently he may be short on smarts, but not so short on confidence. She clues in immediately and confirms that he is from Jiffy Lube. He then tells her, “I couldn’t help but to let you know.”

I’m guessing at this point he is feeling pretty proud of himself, thinking he’s smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. This feeling is fleeting.

Her response may just possibly go down in history as the best response EVER.

She starts out by saying, “So I feel like this is a teachable moment for you.” And women everywhere are collectively nodding their heads: “Yes, yes it is.”

“While I know you were wanting to give me a compliment, it was completely unnecessary and unsolicited.”

She reminds him that she is the customer and he is the service provider, and any communication outside of the business is only appropriate if she expressed interest, which she did not. But she doesn’t stop there. In fact, she’s just warming up. And can I say, I really want to give this woman a high-five?

She goes on to tell him ALL the ways in which his behavior is wrong. So very, very wrong. She informs him that it is a violation of her privacy for him to obtain her phone number from her file (also containing other personal information) without her express permission. In addition, it is wrong for him to contact her on his personal phone. She also questions his scruples.

And now I know that you are the type of person to go back in someone’s file to find their personal information, what is to keep you from going back and getting my address? There are men who stalk, rape, and murder women by getting their information this way.

All the while on his end? Radio silence. However, the lesson is far from over.

She explains to him that she is conflicted over what the consequences of his actions should be. Should she ignore his violation and take her business elsewhere to avoid him? Should she report him to human resources? What to do? What would YOU do?

Generally I am not in the business of ruining someone’s livelihood over something as simple as this, but it is very important to me that you understand why it was completely inappropriate for you to contact me, or any other woman, without explicit consent. Capiche?

His response? A quick apology and a “Yes ma’am.” That’s right, Mr. Jiffy Lube, manners matter.

But the woman has one last thing to say, and she saves the best for last.

Oh, and you didn’t tell me what the tire pressure was on the rear passenger tire like I asked, so you are definitely not even in my top five favorite oil change guys.

*Slow clap and standing ovation.* That, dear readers, is how it’s done.

For those people who don’t understand what the big deal is (and yes, they are out there) and respond with a “You can’t even compliment a woman anymore,” let me say this. This? This was NOT just a compliment. It was a violation of privacy. This was stepping over a line between customer and service provider. It was a complete lack of respect for boundaries. At no time did she give her consent for him to contact her. He chose to pursue her even after she made it clear that she was married. None of this was okay.

And Jiffy Lube agrees.

Upon seeing the exchange posted on Twitter, they posted their own response.

Let’s hope that this is one lesson that won’t soon be forgotten.

You can read the entire exchange here: