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Ivanka Trump Dumps Fashion Line and Twitter Is Strong With the Shade

Steel yourselves, everyone. Ivanka Trump announced she will be closing down her fashion line, leaving millions to wonder, “Well, now what am I supposed to inappropriately dress the mannequins in as I’m killing time in TJ Maxx between stopping by the DMV and waiting for my colonoscopy consult to start?”

Trump’s company, which she launched in 2014 but backed away from when she entered her senior advisor position in the White House, has faced backlash in the wake of her father’s election, with several big-name retailers dropping the line following public criticism, including Nordstrom’s and Hudson’s Bay, and other retailers seeing steadily declining sales, including Macy’s, Amazon, and Bloomingdales.

As for her decision to close down the enterprise, Trump claims it is rooted in her desire to remain in Washington D.C. indefinitely and not because the venture isn’t doing well.

*wink* Yeah, gurl. Sure. We’ll go with that.

While some may be buying the Trump family’s latest dose of bullshit, the good people of Twitter are not, throwing shade so dark Ivanka’s gonna need a flashlight to see her way out of this one. Have a look, and try not to feel too bad for her. I’m sure the family’s got another business in need of complete failure and abandonment right around the corner. It’ll be fine.

Just kidding on that last one. She’ll never be poor. Turns out being a soulless sellout is quite profitable.