John and Evie
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Internet’s Cutest Couple Divulge Secrets To Staying Married Over 70 Years

John and Evie
Source: YouTube (BeerTastingChampion – Danni Munro)

My husband and I have been happily married for 12 years, but there are still nights when I contemplate smothering him with a pillow. (In my defense, he always falls asleep first and snores like a beast.)

With nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, you might wonder, “What’s the secret to a happy, lifelong marriage?” Thanks to YouTuber Danni Munro and her grandparents, John and Evie (whom John calls “Honeybaby”), you’re about to find out.

(Spoiler alert: John still wants Evie’s body, for one.)

Show affection

John cheerfully admits that he is still “horny as ever” for Evie. Back in the day, John had to wait “…at least five years before I started to feel her up.” (For the record, Evie says, “It took longer than five years.”)

She continues, “He’s always after my body…I’m 89 years old and [he says], ‘You turn me on.'”

It’s also the little displays of affection that are important.

Evie says, “When we walk, we hold hands.” Evie and John say they began holding hands in high school, and still do, even if these days they do it to support each other so they both stay upright!

Always kiss goodnight

The age-old advice to never go to bed angry at your partner holds true.

John says, “Carrying a grudge against the other one, being so-called mad at each other? Never ever. If it’s really a focal point, we sit alongside each other and talk it out…Then it’s always kiss goodnight…I always go over to her side [of the bed] and we always kiss goodnight. Always. And profess our love for one another.”

Make each other laugh

Evie says, “We were telling each other nice things and I said, ‘You know what, John? I never was attracted to another man.’ And he said, ‘I never was attracted to another man either.'”

John chimes in, “We both cracked up on that one.”

Evie adds, “Well, that’s it – You’ve got to make each other laugh, too.”

(You can view an updated video from John and Evie, who have now been married for 75 years!)