For just a moment, imagine seeing the world through your child's eyes. What an incredible experience that would be.

Imagine Seeing The World Through Your Child’s Eyes

For just a moment, imagine seeing the world through your child's eyes. What an incredible experience that would be.

Imagine waking up every morning with an indescribable zest for life. Instead of pulling thoughts of the coming day’s tasks into your consciousness, you marvel at the fullness of your breath. You blink several times, amazed that your eyes can see. You smile as you look around the room, finding beauty in shapes and colors. You feel alive.

Imagine seeing the person you love most for the very first time that day. Your heart flutters as (s)he greets you with a warm smile. You hold your hands out and jump up with excitement as you anxiously await an embrace. You are loved. You feel alive.

Imagine being swept up off your feet and rocketed to a new height. You are now five feet taller. You see the world differently. You take notice of everything that’s changed. You marvel at new discoveries. You feel alive.

Imagine being carried downstairs, in complete awe of your surroundings. Your brain is on fire. You see something, you recognize it, you name it. Your brain is busy sorting, processing, and categorizing. You are making sense of the world. You feel alive.

Imagine sitting down at the table in front of a delicious meal. You see something new that you have previously not tried. You wrap your hand tightly around it and notice the soft, squishy texture as you lift it to your lips. You swiftly drop it into your mouth. Bursts of flavors swarm your tongue. You notice them all. You feel alive.

Imagine sitting on the smooth carpet while someone helps you put your clothes on. You know to lift your arm up and find the small hole. You do it again. You know exactly where your leg goes. You grab your socks and shoes and confidently place them in front of you. You are ready for day. You feel alive.

Imagine opening the door and walking outside. You are greeted with a cool breeze that sweeps across your cheeks. You feel the sun strike your skin in a way that warms your entire body. You see the bird as it soars through the sky. You notice the bright green leaves shake each time the wind blows. You are at peace. You feel alive.

Imagine running through the yard as fast as you can. You are invincible. You appreciate the way your legs move quickly through the grass. Your surroundings begin to fade. You focus on nothing but the burst of energy that ignites you. You feel alive.

Imagine finding a tool box and opening it up. You have seen these before. You lay the screw down and gently try to insert the screw driver. Your hand shakes as you attempt to make the metals meet in a precise manner. You try several times but you aren’t giving up. You can do this. You are getting frustrated. You throw the screw driver down and pick it back up. You try once more. You watch the metals meet and this time, they become one. You did it. You are so proud of yourself. You feel alive.

Imagine climbing into the bathtub and stepping your feet into the warm water. It tickles at first. Your eyes are filled with wonder as you watch the bubbles grow and then pop. You are mesmerized. You feel the water rising onto different parts of your body. The water is comforting. You feel safe. You feel at home. You feel alive.

Imagine laughing so hard you fall down.

Imagine exerting yourself so fully that you exhaust all of your energy.

Imagine giving all of yourself to everything you do.

Imagine the joy in discovering.

Imagine the peace in just being.

Imagine embracing every single moment.

Imagine trusting fully.

Imagine hoping relentlessly.

Imagine loving purely.

Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of your child. How would your day change? How would you change? Would you feel more alive?