Apparently, according to a super smart man on the internet who knows me so well, I'm a feminist, sexist, husband-hater. Good to know!
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How I Became a “Feminist, Sexist, Husband Hater”

Apparently, according to a super smart man on the internet who knows me so well, I'm a feminist, sexist, husband-hater. Good to know!

By Sirri McNeil of Super Sirrious Mom

I recently learned from a self-proclaimed “very intelligent” middle-aged man on the internet that I am what they call a “fucking feminist, sexist, husband hater.”

Now, I am not afraid to be called a feminist. I will stand up for the vagina all day, every day. Unfortunately, I run into men out there who just can’t handle women standing up for equal rights.

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Or as I was told (by a man), women already have equal rights. There is a war on men, not women. Maybe he’s right. I mean, a man can’t even grab a random ass these days without being accused of sexual assault. It’s a hard time to be a man now, apparently.

This should go without being said, but I’ll say it anyway. Of course, this does not apply to all men. So please put the pitchforks down and relax.

Now, this was the first time I’ve been referred to as a sexist and a husband hater.

Don’t stress. I talked to my husband and he doesn’t think I hate him. (Whew!) I thought this intelligent man on the internet might know more about me than I do.

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This all started from a simple meme I made. Clearly geared toward MOTHERS. Yet it seemed more men needed to insert their opinion than women. I mean, clearly, these men know more about motherhood than we do.

The meme was about a husband propositioning his wife for sex and the wife propositioning sleep while he takes care of the kids.

Men freaking LOST THEIR SHIT.

Of course, there were some sancti-wifeys who came to the defense of men as well.

The funny thing is there was nothing negative said toward men. It was harmless comments from moms saying, “OMG, babe, lets this try this wink- wink.”

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One man commented that he was the holy grail of fathers. He always helped his wife at night and she got plenty of rest. I personally would like to hear from his wife. But I’ll just sip my tea instead.

Then the name calling started. After that, there was a serious debate over extreme feminism. That’s when I lost my shit, along with other mamas whom I would assume are ‘feminists’ as well.

An exhausted mother saying she would rather get some uninterrupted sleep than have sex is EXTREME FEMINISM? All I could think was WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING?!

I’m just a mom joking about wanting some sleep and it has turned into EXTREME FEMINISM? How? Why?

Another man commented about this being another sexist rant and shame on me. Insert most dramatic eye roll ever.

Then the ‘this is a feminist who hates her husband’ comment came. I couldn’t stop laughing. Literally in shock. I had just learned in these few minutes that I am a feminist, a sexist, and I hate my husband.

I think the true humor is with these men’s definitions of feminism. I can guarantee that my definition of feminism and these men’s won’t exactly line up.

My brain started going crazy. Are these men mad because I made a joke? Are they mad because I turned my husband down for sex (please remember this was a meme and not a real life situation)? But I am pretty sure I don’t have to have sex if I don’t want to. Not even with my husband. Maybe I should check my local laws.

Since I have been labeled a feminist, sexist, husband hater, I have decided to roll with it. Nothing I ever say will please these men. And the funny thing is I don’t give a rat’s ass if they are pleased or not. Woop, there goes the sexist in me again.

Being a millennial mom, I am absolutely dumbfounded at the shit I need to warn my kids about. For instance, my daughter—she is strong-willed, independent, and sometimes a straight up ass. I’ll allow her to be an ass and keep that fire so she can go on to do anything. Never allowing men (like mentioned above) to tear her down.

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I think I’ll be making a t-shirt to wear my new label loud and proud. I’ll even start a club for all other feminist, sexist, husband haters to join. We’ll sit around and talk about how tired we are while sipping our feminist wine and eating our sexist chocolates.

Just kidding! We are moms. We don’t have time for that shit.


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