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Homeless Man Loses His Sh*t on McDonald’s Employee Over Straw

A homeless, intoxicated man from Clearwater, Florida is behind bars after a disturbing video, showing him manhandling a female cashier at McDonald’s OVER A STRAW, goes viral.

According to The Washington Post, Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, became upset when he realized that McDonald’s had no plastic straws.

Brenda Biandudi, who happened to be nearby, said Taylor confronted a female cashier who was working behind the counter, later identified as Yasmine James, demanding a plastic straw.

“She told him that it’s the law now that they’re not supposed to have the straws in the lobby,” Biandudi told The Washington Post in a phone interview Wednesday. “He said there’s no such law.”

Biandudi said she pulled her phone out when the argument between the “tall white man” and the “young black woman” spiraled out of control. Soon after, the exchange turns physical.

The video shows Taylor reaching across the counter and grabbing the unsuspecting cashier by the collar. Almost instantly, James (or as I like to call her, Ninja Fucking Warrior) begins throwing mad punches at Taylor in a desperate attempt to break free.

But sadly, his grip is too strong and she cannot get away.

Nearly 15 seconds go by—arms and obscenities flailing about the room—before another employee shuffles to her rescue. She continues to shout at Taylor while a third co-worker whisks her away.

Soon after, another employee emerges from behind the counter (most likely the manager since he’s the only one wearing a tie) to handle the situation, but before he makes any headway, James storms back to the counter to look for her phone.

“Sir, I want her a– fired!” shouts Taylor, pointing his belligerent finger towards James.

“No,” she screams. “You’re going to jail!”

Biandudi told The Washington Post she stopped recording after that but stuck around to wait for police.

While waiting, Biandudi says Taylor came back into the store, went behind the counter and got in the manager’s face before employees escorted him out and locked the doors.

According to Bay News 9, Taylor also attacked another employee as he was being escorted out of the restaurant. As stated in the affidavit, Taylor allegedly kicked Tateona Bell in the stomach while she was standing near the exit door.

Though Taylor slipped away before police arrived, he was later found and charged with two counts of simple battery. He is currently awaiting trial in the Pinellas County Jail.

As for Yasmine James, she told Atlanta Black Star that despite knowing how to fight, she walked away with injuries.

“My family, they know how to box,” she said. “My big cousin used to box professionally…I just know how to fight. You know, I know how to protect myself.”

She also said she plans to sue Taylor for “putting his hands” on her. I say, good luck squeezing blood out of THAT turnip. Judging from the video, Women’s MMA may be a lot more lucrative.