Ok ladies, it's here -- the dreaded swimsuit season. So here are 8 tips to make it suck a teeny bit less!
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Hey, Moms: Own The Beach With These 8 Essential Swimsuit Shopping Tips

Ok ladies, it's here -- the dreaded swimsuit season. So here are 8 tips to make it suck a teeny bit less!

By Erin De Boer of Accidental Super Mom

Ok, ladies. Summer is coming in hot, and that means finding the perfect bathing suit. I like to consider myself a swimsuit shopping connoisseur, because I’ve spent many days by the pool pregnant and/or in straight up mom mode.

Here are my 8 swimsuit shopping tips for moms.

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1. Don’t ever go shopping with the sole purpose of buying a bathing suit. Trying on 20 consecutive swimsuits is just a recipe for a full blown adult meltdown about why things aren’t where they used to be. Plus, it’s really hard to watch yourself ugly cry from every angle in that box of mirrors. Not to mention, there is just no scenario where a bathing suit looks good with granny panties hanging out of the bottom.

2. Online shopping can be hit or miss in general, but there are a few reputable sites for bathing suits, and they’re usually a hit. Once you find a winning website, stick to it! Don’t be lured in by the $9 Amazon one piece, because you’ll be sorely disappointed by what is actually shipped. It’s scratchy, four sizes too small, and nothing at all like the product picture. Trust me on this one.

3. Before kids, I was able to explore tons of different style options, without a cellulite-covered care in the world. Now I have to be more strategic with the type of suit I choose. As moms, we need more coverage for all the extra responsibilities we have these days, like being a lifeguard, pool toy caddy, and activity coordinator. Here’s my tip. Before deciding if the suit is a keeper, do some deep lunges, and maybe a few shimmies, just to make sure everything stays in place.

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4. Speaking of style, the high-waisted bottom trend is super cute and can be very flattering. But, here’s the thing. They must have ruching. And the more ruching, the better. No ruching can take you from pin-up girl to granny panties real quick. The more folds and creases in the bathing suit, the less obvious your folds and creases are.

5. Don’t be afraid to buy multiples of the same suit. There’s nothing worse than wanting to wear your favorite suit, but finding out it’s dirty, then being forced to wear something not nearly as comfortable. And feeling comfortable is the difference between cowering under a beach towel and getting out there and splashing around.

6. Color matters. Just because yellow is your favorite color and $10 cheaper than navy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still spring for the darker option. Your nipples will thank me.

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7. Don’t sleep on a good cover-up. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra protection from the sun while looking like a sophisticated, poolside goddess. And when you’re feeling a little extra self-conscious, cover-up to the rescue!

8. Here’s my last tip. No matter what swimsuit you choose to purchase, also choose confidence. Get out there with the kids, splash, play, and start a whirlpool like the mom boss you are! Your kids won’t remember the color, cut, or style of your bathing suit, but they will cherish the memories with their mama.

This post was originally published on Accidental Super Mom

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