Heatless Curls? Not Today, Satan.
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Heatless Curls? Not Today, Satan.


Heatless Curls? Not Today, Satan.

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I can’t decide if the picture needs an explanation or if it speaks for itself. I mean, how many times has this happened to all of us? Hmm, I really thought more of you would put your hands up.

That settles it. I’m going to have to explain.

I decided one evening (on the fly) to do curls in my hair. I read how bad heat is for your hair, so I knew I had to do them the old fashioned way: Little House on the Prairie style by using ripped up fabric, rolling the hair around, and then tying it.

I see tons of these non heat tutorials on Pinterest. They are all the rage. You do some winding/braiding or sock rolling. Next step is to sleep through the night. Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am. Wake up and remove whatever contraption was in your hair (in my case, rags.) And there should be luscious beautiful curls… only …the picture above was the result.

Here are the problems, as I see them:

1) My children are totally not supportive. Yes, they told me the night before not to do it. No, I didn’t listen to them, and they have been right 80% of the time about my style choices. However, to be fair, that says more about my skill level than it does about their intuition. I happen to be in a rut with “new” things.

2) I did not set my alarm to an earlier time. In fact, I think I hit snooze 3 extra times since I wasn’t going to have to use heat to style. How did I have such confidence in something that I hadn’t done a run-through on? I don’t know. If only I could go back to that time of innocence.

3) I left myself  time to shower in case it didn’t work out. I think the point above said that too, but seems like something worth hammering home.

4) Umm, well, fine, I should have bought real rollers, or I should have not done it.. or whatever. I’ll admit a little defeat there.

5) I texted my mom a picture. My mom is a sweetheart, but the response I got back said something like, “I don’t know why you send me these. Now I am at my desk laughing, and if people ask, I will have to show them.” I guess I get the last laugh, though, because BAM! I sure beat her one to two office mates by throwing this out there for the world. Doesn’t feel like much of a win at the moment, but it will.

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Have no worries. I did get the hair calmed down a bit and got to work mostly on time. Below is the finished product.

Heatless Curls? Not Today, Satan.

Something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in this predicament: People will not know what to say.

I received quite a few “You are so brave” remarks. Unless you are suffering from some sort of condition or are completing therapy, they are probably referring to the balls it took for you to walk out in public looking so cray-cray.

Don’t let that phase you. Think about only the positive part of that and not the backhandedness (Bonus: That is also the key to a happy marriage, or at least the one I have to my husband.)

Some people will look you in the eye and swear they love it. Never ask those people if you have something stuck in your teeth. They are not to be trusted and need to go on your list of people to side-eye. Some people (in the age range of 3-5, in my experience) will point and laugh.

It’s ok. I hear they still have their moms pick out their clothes for them, so you can get them back the next day. All in good time, my sweets. All in good time.