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‘Heartbeat Bill’ Outlaws Abortion Before Women Know They’re Pregnant

People in the South are fired up after learning that Georgia Senate has approved House Bill 481—a proposal that would outlaw abortions once a doctor detects a heartbeat in the womb (typically around six weeks).

Under current Georgia law, abortions can be performed until 20 weeks of gestation, but if this new legislation is signed by the House, women’s right to choose will be rolled back by 14 weeks.

The problem: states that most women don’t even KNOW they are pregnant until weeks four through seven. Therefore, if Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp follows through on his plans to sign the bill, there would be little or no time for women to take action against unwanted pregnancies.

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“Today, the State Senate affirmed Georgia’s commitment to life and the rights of the innocent unborn,” said Gov. Kemp, as reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I applaud the members who supported the heartbeat bill’s passage for protecting the vulnerable and giving a voice to those who cannot yet speak for themselves. I look forward to working with the House to ensure this legislation’s final passage in the coming days.”

Yeah, tell that to Alyssa Milano and millions of other men and women who think this bill is utterly unconstitutional.

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Personally, I don’t think any politician should have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body and, just out of curiosity, why are we are going backward?

What’s next, Georgia—segregation?

No voting for women?

Here’s an idea: How about mandatory vasectomies for boys hitting puberty so they don’t get their girlfriends pregnant.

Oh, sorry… is that not what Gov. Kemp meant by “protecting the vulnerable”?

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If passed, House Bill 481 states that later abortions will still be permitted in situations involving rape or incest—as long as the woman files a police report to have the abortion performed.

The legislature also promises to bend the rules in cases of “medical futility” or if the mother’s life is in danger. Everyone else will be forced to give birth, whether they want to or not.

Let’s just hope their fetuses don’t grow up and sue them for giving birth without consent.

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