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Guy Wants Wife to Pay for Formula Herself, Asks If *He’s* the A-Hole

In “thank the Lord this isn’t your husband” news, a guy posted to the Reddit sub-thread titled “Am I the Asshole” asking if he’s in the wrong for making his wife, who wants to be done with breastfeeding, pay for formula out of her own spending money, and the internet heaved a collective “FUCK YES.”

The post, which was screenshot and shared by Twitter user @collectdust, reads like grounds for divorce to me:

A wife should not have to pay for formula herself

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“I think if she wants to stop [breastfeeding] for basically no reason then the money for formula should come out of her personal spending money because she is the one making that decision,” he says. ROTFLMFAOGTFO.

Listen, bruh. It takes two to tango. She didn’t create that baby on her own, and therefore, she’s not responsible for being its sole provider, either. Unless you want to magically manifest some boobs and milk supply with which to relieve her of the physically, mentally, and emotionally draining process of breastfeeding in order to share the burden, then when the woman says she’s done and it’s time to switch to formula, she’s done and it’s time to switch to formula, something BOTH of you, as parents, should contribute to.

I’m so sick of men with not one single iota of a clue about what it’s like to cook life, deliver it, and then sustain it feeling as though they get even a sliver of a say in what women do with their bodies.

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Here’s a chair, Chad (I’m assuming his name’s Chad because it’s got to be). Sit down and shut up.

I swear to God, if my husband had suggested something this assinine post-birth, both my raging hormones and I would have cut his dick off, stuffed it in an envelope, and sent it back to him in a cute little taxidermied hangy thing to string up on his rearview mirror.

HERE’S A DAILY REMINDER OF WHAT A DOUCHEGOBLIN YOU ARE, HONEY. Come at me with nonsense like that again.

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Reality check, guys: Having a baby is quite possibly one of the most difficult things your wife or girlfriend will ever endure, from conception to age infinity. If you’re tempted to offer any unsolicited demands about what she should do with her body during any part of that process, DON’T.

I don’t know what Reddit Chad’s wife ever decided to do about the situation, but let’s hope “not procreate with him again” topped the list of possibilities.

As well as “pick up new husband.” The one she’s got is a lemon.

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