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Grandma Under Impression $5 Birthday Check Can Still Buy Something

Grandma Under Impression $5 Birthday Check Can Still Buy Something

By Joanna McClanahan of Ramblin’ Mama

Augusta, Maine — Local grandma, Helen Kravinski, strongly believes that five dollars is still worth something in 2019.

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“Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know. When I was their age, five dollars was a lot of money. I know that they can spend it however they like, but I really hope they are saving it away for a rainy day,” said Helen.

Her granddaughter, Lisa, said she only cashes the checks to appease her grandmother. “I get a couple candy bars or something with it. But I’m just hoping that she leaves me in the will at this point, to be honest,” said Lisa.

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One of her grandsons, Jon Kravinski, added that he doesn’t cash the checks at all. “When you factor in the gas that it takes to get to the bank, it’s pretty much a wash,” said Jon.

When asked if they would be calling their grandma to thank her for the birthday checks, Lisa and Jon both shifted uncomfortably and quickly changed the subject.

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