If you've used emails or worked in an office, then chances are, you're familiar with this culture. The strange, modern culture of the email exchange.
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12 Funny Tweets About Email Culture

As the world evolves, so too do our digital lives. One of the earliest aspects of the tech age to infiltrate our everyday lives was the email.

Email is a mode of internet technology that helps us communicate. Since its inception, it has become a way for Grandma to say hi, for your office to squabble in CC’d public glory, and another way for us to be inundated with clutter.

Although email is widely used, there are still some differences in how we all use it. Some of the finer etiquette points are lost on some, while other unspoken “rules” most of us try to follow — to a fault.

This many exclamation points is acceptable!

This many is not!!!

As with any written exchange, email can be fraught with misunderstanding because tone cannot be communicated clearly. This is why it’s so important to follow the “rules” of this mode of contact. And to walk the very fine line between seeming carefree and crazy.

If you’ve used email or worked in an office, then chances are, you’re familiar with this culture. The strange, modern culture of the email exchange.

1. If you aren’t measuring your worth in emails, are you even living?

2. Ahhh, the dreaded “hey girl” email.

3. Your mental wellness is directly correlated to the amount of unread emails renting space in your life.

4. We walk this fine line with the agility of a Cirque du Soleil performer.


5. Well, we all hope our kids will end up a little better than us, right?

6. This. Is. An. Emergency.

7. Life is weird when you grow up.


8. Blah blah blah


9. Help, I’m an overly-enthusiastic bag of trash.

10. Get you an employee that can do both.

11. This is how a relationship ends before it even starts, TBH.

12. What’s it like to be the digital version of a renaissance fair?


Happy emailing, folks!

Just remember the ground rules – make sure you seem nice, but not too nice, show enthusiasm (but in a restrained way), make sure to clear your inbox before it buries you, and never EVER, under any circumstances, use comic sans or a motivational quote unless you want to be seen as the lame aunt or the office crazy. Simple enough!