Family Saves Every Paper Kids Bring Home from School, Is Buried by December


Narragansett, RI – A mother of two (who would like to remain anonymous) living in a coastal town in Southern New England has inadvertently buried her entire family in a mountain of paper.

Tired of the whining that ensued every time she was caught disposing of some coveted scrap of paper, she decided that this school year she would save every single worksheet, school notice, and piece of artwork that came home in her children’s backpacks.

Her family didn’t seem to mind at first, as the mess wasn’t all that different from what it was normally. But as the papers began to pile up, her children started to complain that they had nowhere to play.

Her husband, on the other hand, knew better than to complain. Nevertheless, she pushed on. By Columbus Day, the paper filled all the bedrooms, leaving the family to sleep together in the living room.

By Halloween, the mountain of paper had infiltrated the bathrooms, forcing all of them to use the garden hose for bathing and brushing their teeth. As for their Halloween costumes, the children were permitted to adorn themselves in paper, sticking it to themselves with a roll of tape they miraculously found under the pile where they thought the desk was. They went trick-or-treating as “paper monsters” and were required to return whatever they used to the ever-growing pile.

November came along, and the kitchen, the last safe place in the house, grew smaller and smaller. As Thanksgiving drew nearer, it became quite clear that this family would not be able to celebrate the holiday; papers filled the oven, the refrigerator, and the dishwasher. They huddled together as paper burst out of the microwave, completely covering their heads, solidifying their fate.

Unable to find their way to the front door or to a phone to call for help, the family could do nothing but wait and hope. Days later, the mailman, who was dropping a package on the front step, heard their muffled cries for help. The fire department was called, and they were able to break down the door. The family rode on an avalanche of paper as it cascaded into the front yard.

The mother has vowed to never save another piece of paper again – not even the adorable artwork featuring her children’s hand prints. Clean-up is underway, and the family asks that the public respect their privacy as they recover from this traumatic experience.


About the Author

Sarah Jean lives in New England with her husband and two wonderful children whom she loves dearly, in small increments throughout the day, in between their whining, crying, screaming, and fighting. She writes about it to make herself laugh. Read more at The Mom TruthBomb and follow Sarah on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram