Do you have Cleaning "ADD"? Sponsored blog post for The Daily House Cleaning App
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Do You Have Cleaning “ADD”?

This post is sponsored by The Daily House Cleaning app.

Do you have Cleaning "ADD"? Sponsored blog post for The Daily House Cleaning App

Stay at home moms, working moms, work at home moms, it doesn’t matter what you are, 10 out of 10 moms agree that cleaning is the absolute worst. Because we’re the human trapper keepers of our family’s schedules, needs, wants, problems, and worries, most of us are afflicted with Cleaning “ADD.” Cleaning “ADD,” or Cleaning “Ah-Derp-Derp,” affects 86% of moms in a totally made-up study, rendering that percentage pretty much useless.

Symptoms of Cleaning “ADD” include:

  • Not being able to clean just one room at a time
  • Taking several breaks while cleaning because you’ve been hypnotized by Ramona Singer’s murder gaze while re-watching Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer gif

  • Experiencing temporary amnesia upon entering a room to fulfill a task
  • Being so overwhelmed by all of the cleans you need to thing and dos you need to chore that you wind up not doing any of it

Cleaning while suffering from Cleaning “ADD” generally goes somewhat like this:

You’re throwing away a couple dozen juice box straw wrappers that got stuck to the bottom of your foot while you were wrestling an Indiana Jones-sized boulder of dirty laundry through the house, but then your hand sticks to the trashcan lid because Lord only knows what kind of gross substance or bodily fluid your kids got all over it. You go to grab some cleaning wipes from under the sink and notice the leaning tower of dishes on the counter, so you decide to wash those. While you were washing dishes, your cat rubbed its butthole on your yoga pants leg, so you grab a lint roller. Then, you notice all the cat hair on the couch, which also has some stains that are totally not wine you spilled last night after the kids finally went to bed. So you’re on your knees scrubbing out the not wine stains when your knee cap gets pierced by a broken goldfish cracker and now you need to vacuum but your vacuum is full and so is the trash.

Sound familiar?

What’s even worse is when you walk into a room to take care of that really important thing only to draw a complete blank and stand there making mouth farts. Mommas, it’s time to admit that we need help. No, not therapy, although we probably need that too, tbh. We need something to help keep us focused. Something to gently carry us back to bed when we do the mental equivalent of sleepwalking while we clean. Who wants to manually write out chore lists like a bunch of Pilgrims? Not I. What I need is a little sidekick that lives in my phone where I do things like socialize and watch Dr. Pimple Popper. Like a normal person. That’s where the Daily House Cleaning app comes in hand. Literally.

The Daily House Cleaning app makes cleaning easy and tolerable. After you answer some simple questions, The Daily House Cleaning app generates an organized and totally personalized cleaning routine based on your answers. That means less mouth fart time and more time to keep up with the Kardashians. Or not.

The best part of making to-do lists is writing in things you’ve already done so you can have the pleasure of crossing it off and feeling like one of those productive, adultier adults. When you use The Daily House Cleaning app, items vanish after you click “Done.” Now, that’s some satisfying shit.

Daily House Cleaning app screenshot

Reduce stress by simplifying your life with customized daily checklists on The Daily House Cleaning App. Or don’t and continue to clean like this:

The Daily House Cleaning App is available for purchase now from the App Store. Click on the image below to check it out and try it for yourself.

The Daily House Cleaning App by Rhett Dempsey