Did This Little Girl Kill Her Mom? Outsiders Are Skeptical

Photo Credit: East2West News

Internet police say there is no way a two-year-old girl accidentally killed her mother in a ‘freak’ accident.

According to Daily Mail, Yulia Sharko was out celebrating her 21st birthday with friends and family when she decided it was time to leave.

So, she and her daughter left the party and started their journey home, but something strange happened along the way. 

The report claims Sharko was attempting to pull her child out of a ‘half-open window’ in the front seat of her car when her daughter pressed the automatic window button. The window then closed on her neck—cutting off air supply and asphyxiating the mother.

Sharko’s ‘lifeless body’ was later found by her husband, Artur, who says he went out looking for his family after they failed to return home.

“On 31 August around 4:30pm her husband found her unconscious, with her neck jammed by the window of the front left door of their family car,” said Dmitry Ivanyuk from the Belarus Investigative Committee.

She arrived at Brest Regional Hospital shortly after that, but never regained consciousness.

“Her brain suffered irreversibly due to clamped arteries,” the report states.

Yulia, from Žabinka, Berluras—a former USSR country in Eastern Europe—died eight days later.

Though an investigation into her death is still underway, many agree that the story sounds a little off

I mean, think about it: Have you ever tried to lift a twenty-five-pound bag of ice out the front seat of your car through a half-way open window? 

Imagine how difficult it would be to lift, let alone squeeze through an opening that is smaller than the bag. Now, imagine that bag with arms and legs. Or better yet, imagine if it could walk.

Why would a mother try to lift a toddler out of a car window instead of opening the fucking door? 

Answer: she wouldn’t because it makes no sense. 

“Soooooo shady,” wrote one commenter on Facebook

“There is so many holes in this story; there is barely a story.”

Another asked, “Anyone else find this story odd? Who on earth takes their child out of a car (unless the door is trapped) through a bloody window? And why weren’t her arms in the window too? My money is on the father doing it and blaming the child.”

Unless she had no other choice—like the car was on fire and the doors weren’t budging—most are finding this story incredibly hard to believe. 

Regardless of what happened, two little girls lost their mother in a tragic and terrifying way. Accident or not, that’s a hard pill for anyone to swallow.