Dental Cleaning Highlight of Woman’s Day


For local mother Abby Morris, a regularly scheduled dental cleaning at 2:15pm was the undeniable highlight of her day.

“Let’s see, the baby had a 4am blow out, which meant an extra-early morning and two loads of laundry before dawn,” Morris explained.

As a marketing manager and mother of two, she noted that her work hours were filled with “one emergency after another” and she skipped lunch in order to “put out some fires” before her afternoon appointment, scheduled six months earlier.

Arriving at Meadowbrook Dental Clinic, Morris was greeted warmly, offered tea or coffee, and told to relax in an armchair beside the cozy fireplace. She sipped green tea and read an entire magazine article, uninterrupted.

“It’s kind of pathetic how much I’m enjoying this,” the woman noted. As she moved to the exam room, her day continued to improve.

She actually got to sit in a reclined position (with her feet up!) right in the middle of the day. Because her mouth was open for the customary scraping and brushing, she wasn’t obligated to make conversation or answer anyone’s questions. She blissfully listened to soft music, still in the reclined position, for 37 continuous minutes.

After the appointment concluded and she’d scheduled her next cleaning, Morris said a wistful “goodbye” to the reception staff.

As she approached her Honda Civic in the parking lot, the woman received a text message announcing her toddler threw up at daycare and needed to be picked up immediately. Before she could reply to the text, her boss called asking how quickly she could be back in the office.

“The highlight of my day was getting my freakin teeth cleaned,” she concluded.


About the Author

Jacqueline Miller is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in Scary Mommy and Her View From Home. She lives in the Midwest and uses a pseudonym for her family’s privacy. Find her at and on Facebook.