Decorating for Moms: A How-To Guide

By Sarah Jean of The Mom TruthBomb

As a mom, decorating your home can be difficult with the clutter and piles of laundry strewn about. Through much trial and error, I believe that I’ve found a tried-and-true method for actually utilizing the mess to decorate your home. Let’s get decorating!


Using your children’s toys is a great way to add color and character to your home, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them in your decorating.

Hanging toys from various pieces of furniture and fixtures adds an air of whimsy.

Stuffed animals arranged in bizarre places and configurations gives a sense of mystique.

For a classy touch, a strategically placed tea party will do the trick. Lego bricks sprawled out across the floor can add a splash of color, with the added bonus of improving your agility as you navigate your way through them.


Let your kids use glitter so your home will have that festive feel all year long.

Scraps of paper that were cut up for no apparent reason, then left on the floor, add tons of color and a lot of character.


Using laundry is another great way to decorate your home. Laundry piles placed just so create a comfy, cozy feel. Come Christmas time, you can also use your full laundry baskets to make your very own Laundry Christmas Tree.


One room that we often forget could use a touch of decorating is the bathroom.

Add color with globs of toothpaste all over the sink (and mirror, if you’re lucky). With a pleasant bubble gum aroma, this decorating tip is sure to please.

Children’s toys can also be used in the bathroom for even more color and character.


Don’t forget that sometimes decorating correctly can actually save you from more housework.

Leave the coffee table covered with your kid’s artwork and toys. It adds color to the room, and since the table is covered all the time, that means no more dusting for you!

On pieces of furniture that aren’t immersed in random pieces of paper and stuffed animals – leave those dusty surfaces! They create another medium for your children’s artwork that will be on display indefinitely, probably.

I hope you like my tips on decorating your home as a mom. For more ideas, don’t do a thing. Just allow the mess to happen naturally, don’t clean anything or argue with your kids to clean up their stuff, and voila! Your home is decorated!


About the Author

Sarah Jean lives in New England with her husband and two wonderful children whom she loves dearly, in small increments throughout the day, in between their whining, crying, screaming, and fighting. She writes about it to make herself laugh. Read more at The Mom TruthBomb and follow Sarah on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram