Dear husband, thank you for the flowers and gifts over the years. But what I really want is sleep and a solo trip to Target.
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Dear Husband, This Is What I Really Want From You For Mother’s Day

Dear husband, thank you for the flowers and gifts over the years. But what I really want is sleep and a solo trip to Target.

By Mia Carella of (this) mom with a blog

Dear Husband,

Thank you so much for all the gifts you have given me for Mother’s Day over the past five years. I truly appreciate the flowers, bracelets and massage gift certificates that you have been so generous with. I know you always like to get me something during this time of year but sometimes struggle with what to get for me. In order to help you, I wanted to share with you my “wish list” for this Mother’s Day.

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1. Sleep. The best gift imaginable. Nothing would please me more than some uninterrupted shut-eye. “I’ll get up with the kids” are the most beautiful words I could hear at 6:00 a.m. on a weekend morning. Taking a nap alone in my bed in the middle of the afternoon would be heavenly. Having you jump up when “Mommy!” is yelled in the middle of the night = perfection.

2. An hour alone for self-grooming. Since having our second child, it is difficult to find time for myself. I would thoroughly enjoy some private time to do things such as, but not limited to, plucking my eyebrows, applying make-up, shaving my legs or clipping my toenails. I would feel like a new woman. No need for a trip to the spa.

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3. An afternoon to go to Target by myself. The thought of aimlessly wandering throughout the store alone, sipping a Starbucks and buying all the things that are not on my list sounds absolutely glorious. Sigh…

4. Time with my girlfriends without our children. It has been too long. I nostalgically remember the days of being able to have time with my friends without all our children in tow. I would love to have some bonding time with them that does not occur during a play date. You are a wonderful confidant and partner, but nothing is like the benefit of true “girl time” every once in a while. 

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5. Time to enjoy a good book. Besides social media, blog posts and the tickers that scroll across the bottom of the television, I haven’t really read in a long time. You know I love to read – oh, how I love to read! Getting lost in a new book (a real, honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned, hard copy book) and escaping the responsibilities of adulting for a short time would be amazing. Please and thank you. 

This is not an extensive list by any means, but just a top five for your reference. Please note that receiving anything on this list would elevate you to be in the running for “Husband of the Year” status.

Much Love,
Your Wife

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