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David Beckham Kisses Daughter on Lips and He Might As Well Have Murdered His Own Mother

This just in: David Beckham kissed his daughter on the lips and the internet is calling for his head. THE HORROR.

According to Today, Beckham posed with daughter Harper, 5, for a show of fatherly affection and then uploaded the image to Instagram last Thursday with the caption, “Kiss for Daddy.” And while most commenters found the gesture cute, there are, naturally, some who disagree and felt the need to express their disdain in the comments. BECAUSE OF COURSE.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Kiss for Daddy ❤️

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Some of the things the naysayers felt the need to vomit on an otherwise beautiful moment include:

sdemussy: Parents and kids don’t make out !! 🙈

swedeinaus: DISGUSTING! What a sick man kisses a little girl? This poor girl, enduring that, will never be able to have a relationship with a man, will just see the exploitation.

gracjana_ciazynska: There is any avantage for a girl to be kissed on the lips by her father. When will he stop… 9, 12, 16…? The lips are erogenous zone. Poor girl…

Most commenters, however, were quick to jump to Beckham’s defense:

hootmanbutler: A dad show affection, love, time with his child thats a beautiful thin that some children dont have, don’t turn this loving affection into something its not

littlemisssunshinejade: Eurgh some of you people and your stupid comments… You’re what’s wrong with this world.. I am slowly losing my patience with humans ✋🏼

kryptonatra: This is a beautiful photo. The only perverted thing is those who thing this photo is inappropriate. I’ve never met a parent that hasn’t kissed their child on the lips. Grow the hell up folks.

Apparently, if you want to rile the crowds, the three biggest parenting mistakes you can make are (and in this order):

  1. Letting your kids see you naked.
  2. Kissing your kids on the lips.
  3. Everything else you’re doing because there is FOR SURE somebody out there who wants to mount your rotting carcass on a wall for it.

Seriously, though, I don’t even know why this is a debate. Who doesn’t give their kids a smoocheroo once in a while is what I want to know. Mean, unhappy, soulless pits of flesh, I’m guessing.

For my part, I say kiss away, Beckhams. Because if there’s something wrong with letting your kids know you love them, I don’t want to be right.