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Comedian Nails the Hilarity and Horror of Family Christmas Photos

Anybody who’s ever been involved in a family Christmas photo shoot knows they are both hilarious and horrible. Not only is it nearly impossible to get everyone together on the same day at the same time, but it’s also pretty much a pipe dream to expect everyone to dress nicely and cooperate.

And don’t even get us started on the clothing themes and backdrop nonsense.

Comedian John Crist knows all too well the nuances of the family Christmas photo, and he highlights them in a hilarious viral video rendition.

From his razzing of family Christmas photo themes:

The theme this year is gonna be rustic denim in front of a barn. Do we live in the suburbs? Yes. Have we ever been to a barn? No. But I thought it would make perfect sense for a Christmas photo.

To his burns about family members’ appearances:

That’s what you’re gonna wear? I didn’t spend 40 thousand dollars on a liberal arts education for you to shop at Goodwill.

Does he not even own a belt?

Can we get a scarf for him or something, cover up that disgusting tattoo?

You callin’ that a necklace these days, Chelsea? Looks like you just took the leash off the dog.

Can Vanessa at least cover up her stomach or something? This is going to the church.

And even his jabs at family members’ idiosyncrasies:

No, Katherine, your boyfriend can’t be in the photo. Y’all been dating two weeks.

No, Josiah, you can’t bring a guitar out here, Mr. A and G Chord, can’t even make the church worship band.

This guy nails it all — including the ridiculous poses we have to make.

Check out the full video below, and don’t forget: “Act like you love each other. Me and your mother are¬†respected¬†in this community.”