My Kid is 3, and I Might Kill Him

It’s a Mexican standoff. I’m braced in front of the bedroom door in the hallway, holding the handle so Ewing, 3, can’t escape.  Ewing is standing on the other side, furiously twisting the knob and banging on the door, screaming unintelligibly about something having to do with him not needing […]

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9 Pregnancy Comments to Avoid at All Costs

For many, pregnancy is this wonderfully glorious experience. For others, like me, pregnancy is exactly the opposite. Know someone who’s knocked up? Let me help you communicate with her. I present to you a little something I’m calling Don’t Fucking Say These Things to Pregnant Women Ever. Or Pregnancy Comments to Avoid.  I’m […]


How to Raise Kids–The RIGHT Way

Mommy Wars got you confused about which parenting methods won’t turn your kid into a serial killer?  Shhhhh.  It’s OK.  Check it out. How to Raise Kids — The RIGHT Way 1. Breastfeed them. Or don’t.  If you want to give the natural way a shot and you have the […]

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The Teacher’s Child

The teacher’s child sits alone, doodling on a scrap of paper with worn crayons and pens found in couch cushions.  “Look at my drawing, Mommy,” he says, proudly thrusting his sketch between her and the stack of papers on her lap.  “It’s you.” “That’s great,” the teacher praises, briefly glancing up from […]