woman gossiping about marital status
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The Yenta Factor

It appears that all documents requiring personal information such as address, phone number, and email also inquire about the applicant’s marital status. Why on earth is that information relevant? And the questions do not merely seek to know whether or not the applicant is married. It is deemed essential to […]

Female podcaster speaking into microphone in front of laptop
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Dear Podcast Vocal Affectations

Dear Podcast Vocal Affectations, Okay. So. First. Let’s…let’s start with the male….young man who just started up a company and beat all odds….he….he somehow is unable to….speak fluidly. There is this, this Jesse Eisenberg in the Social Network….cadence. Cadence of speaking. Halting…speeding thoughts in a burst, and suddenly….stopping….on unremarkable words […]