Crazyland with Natalia

Can I Be The Dad This Week?


Being a single mom is hard. Most of the time I don’t consider myself a “single” mom because A) I am in a relationship with a man who helps out, and B) I’m too proud to complain about parenting alone. It has been just D-dude and I for a long time; even while I was married to the douche canoe I did all the parenting alone. This week, I want to be the dad D-dude doesn’t really have.

I want to sleep in peace knowing my son is taken care of, not worrying whether he has food or clothes. I want to get up in the morning and worry only about me. I want to spend my money on clothes and cologne instead of making sure D-dude has what he needs. This week, I want to be the dad who can decide whether to call and check on my son when the mood strikes me to even think about him.

I’m exhausted. I get up at six every morning with D-dude. We fight and argue about his lack of wanting to do a damn thing around the house. This week, I’d love to just hang up my cape, be the dad and take a vacation. I can’t be supermom all the time. I can’t be the bad guy and good guy at the same time, can I?

I hope I’m not the only mom who is having thoughts like this. Though, at this point, I’m not sure I really care what anyone thinks about my wanting to give up. Sometimes, like now, I just want to be the dad for a week.