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Betty White Had No Idea About GoFundMe to Save Her from 2016 and Her Reaction Is Adorable

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In an interview with Katie Couric celebrating her 95th birthday, Betty White learned that people had set up a GoFundMe account to save her from 2016. She had no idea this happened, and her reaction was one of shock followed by hilarity.

2016 was undoubtedly hard on all of us. From massive loss of life due to terrorist activity to the passing of numerous beloved celebrities, we couldn’t wait to get that year the hell behind us.

In a last-ditch effort to “save Betty White from 2016,” devoted fans set up and contributed to a GoFundMe to protect everyone’s favorite Golden Girl from the year’s death grip. And while the funds never would have actually done anything to save Betty, it was the outpouring of love for the cherished actress and comedienne represented in the contributions that really mattered.

When Couric informed White about the GoFundMe, which raised $10,000 that was later donated to charity, her reaction was one of utter disbelief.

“How were they going to perpetuate me by … with money?” White asked Couric.

“I think it was sort of the idea of just making sure you were OK,” Couric responded.

“Oh, everybody takes such … they spoil me rotten. Really, it’s terrible,” White stated. “And I enjoy every minute of it.”

Gosh, she is so hilarious and ADORABLE.

Happy birthday, Betty. We love you so!

To see the full reaction, check out the video below.