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Local Elementary School Declares War on Christmas

By Karen Johnson of The 21st Century SAHM Well, friends, it’s happening. We’ve barely had time to recover from RedCupGate, and now this news has befallen us. You’ve probably heard of the sacrilegious “War on Christmas” that is plaguing our good Christian society. Well, Apple Wood Valley Elementary School has […]


The Most Accurate Toy Guide Ever

By Gail Hoffer-Loibl of Maybe I’ll Shower Today Nothing brings out the true meaning of the holidays quite like showering the kiddos with toys they will get bored with before New Year’s Eve. If you have been a lazy, horrible parent and still haven’t bought your gifts, fear not. Here is the […]


Elf on the Shelf Wanted for Gross Criminal Misconduct

  Robinsville, IN–Authorities are seeking help from citizens in Robinsville, IN in locating the Elf on the Shelf responsible for a string of criminal activities. According to Officer Steve Rowan of the Robinsville Police Department, residents of the sleepy town have been reporting a number of unsavory incidences. “I think […]

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Mommy Meme Wars

  By Jennifer Scharf FADE IN: INT. SUBURBAN KITCHEN – DAY A beautiful fall morning. MINIVAN MUM pours herself a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sits down at the kitchen island with her laptop. The kids are off at school, the house is quiet and all is right in […]