Author: Lola Lolita


Hello. My name is Mrs. Sammich, and I have an anger problem.

It’s more like a feelings problem, really. Whereas normal people get sad, I get blubbering-bucket-of-tears sad.  Whereas normal people get worried, I get certain-an-airplane-toilet-is-going-to-come-crashing-through-the-roof-and-kill-us-all-repeatedly worried.  Whereas normal people get angry, I get blood-pressure-spikingly-and-extremity-tremblingly angry. I’d say I’m bipolar (isn’t that when people get super manic and then super depressed and […]


Today’s the Day I Ran Out of Give-a-Effs

It’s been a long time coming, but today officially marks the day I ran out of give-a-fucks.  I’m not really sure what this means for me personally and professionally in the coming weeks.  Let’s hope it doesn’t mean murder. Incident #1 I spent my fourth to last give-a-fuck this morning […]