Author: Kimberly Zapata

It's no day at the park being the "not fun parent." Always saying "no" and "stop it" can take its toll. But when you seize and opportunity and let a kid be a kid, no matter how messy or how crazy it drives you, the results are amazing.

How Yogurt Changed My Parenting Perspective

[nextpage title=”Page 1″ ] As my daughter ebbs closer to two years old, I find myself saying “no” more. Actually, I find myself saying “no” all of the time. (Seriously; it’s sort of sad.) Other key words and phrases are “stop,” “don’t do that,” “not nice,” “no slapping,” “say you’re sorry,” “get down,” […]

Despite the wealth of knowledge in books and on the internet about pregnancy, some women still don't have all the facts. Like that you could actually be pregnant for TEN MONTHS.
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4 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t know jack shit about pregnancy until we get pregnant. While there are books dedicated to the topic and lovely gems like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” the only thing I really knew was what mass media and pop culture taught me (i.e. nothing). […]