Author: Joe Medler

It's actually just "correct." The naysayers are the ones adding "politically."

Calling BS on the Phrase “PC BS”

P.C. bullshit. It’s a phrase you hear a lot these days. It’s usually uttered by a small-minded person who feels compelled to have a wide-ranging opinion. Confronting complexities beyond one’s comprehension and understanding can result in a person wishing to revert to a simpler time, a simpler situation, when the […]

I don't like being Scary Daddy. But sometimes, frustration and anger gets the best of me.

I Don’t Like Being Scary Daddy

I have endless tender feelings for my sons. They know without question that I love them to the ends of the earth. They also know I’m scary. Really scary. I remember a conversation I had lifetimes ago with a friend, a young woman, who told me about the one and […]