Author: Joe Medler

This summer, having two boys ages 7 and 5, "No" has become the commonly used word that comes out of my mouth. NO you cannot drive to Grandma's or use the hose on the trampoline.
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“No” Is My Love Language

I am spending the summer home with my sons. They are 5 and 7. I fully appreciate the unencumbered, freewheeling imagination of these bright young boys. I do. I say this as a disclaimer to be applied to what might be considered a hurtful thing to say, did you not […]

My youngest child and last baby has cheeks for days. And I know that when they go, they'll never come back.

Teddy’s Cheeks

Perhaps it’s just my nature to be wistful. That very well could be it. I could easily make the argument that wistfulness is my strongest suit as a writer. But wistful for me these days is honest. Because while parenthood is very very good at making you spend a good […]

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My Kodachromatic Memories

I’ve had tightness in my chest and shallow breathing for going on a month. It’s largely a result of pollen and my body’s late life decision to no longer recognize that springtime friend that greeted me with joy for so many years as I thawed out from so many winters. […]